Making markers in valentina


Is there any plans for making and editing cutting markers?

Layout Plan

Sorry, but i still don’t know all terms in pattern making. Can you explain what is it mean?


Hi. A marker is a cutting template for a lay. I.e. all graded pattern parts for one or more styles arranged according to grainlines in a highly optimised way to reduce waste and to make cutting as efficient as possible. Marker making programs are included in most patternCAD suites.


Ok. Thank you.

Probably you did not try Valentina. Because we have feature that alow you to create a layout (way to reduce waste and to make cutting as efficient as possible). This feature right now designed to create layouts that good for exporting a pattern or printing it. As to this part “according to grainlines” we are working on it right now.

Yes we have plans to develop Marker making program. But this feature has low priority.


Hi. No I have yet to try it. I have mainly worked in lectra and gerber and have been in the industry (from small bespoke tailoring cutting rooms to RTW large 40 ft cutting tables) too long, a bit reluctant to learn new stuff. But in my new venture everything will be open source, that’s why I needed to know if valentina is useful to me. I will now give it a try.


Now I have tried it. From a profferssional view it is lacking. It does not make a marker, but a print for printing a pattern. Also extremely irritating that I can’t use arethmic operators in number dialogues. For instance if I want to use 3/8" as seam allowance, I have to put in the fraction in decimals. Which is inconvienient. And why do I have to choose aged drafting books for drafting a piece? That’s just silly.

You should focus more on functionality and less on trivial stuff like translations.


@ojd, thanks for your feedback.

Yes, it is true. But didn’t i mention the purpose of the feature? Right now the purpose is printing. Latter we will go to the Marker. I think is not really easy and common task. And i don’t see a lot open source projects that provide such functionality. So please come down. I am not trying to sell piece of a crap for your. You free not to use it.

Instead i would advise you to create new issue (if we already do not have one) and describe what you need from such a Marker. It will show us that you are really interested in the project.

That’s good point. Can you add it to the issue tracker.

:slight_smile: Never say such thing here we all believe in aged drafting book god.

Thanks for your advise, i’ll remember it.


I think you are several orders of magnitude wrong here. Making markers are extremely common. That is done every single day in a cutting room. Printing, hmm, maybe for home sewing otherwise it is not done.


This mean we are talking about different things.


@ojd, Any chance you can post an image / screenshot of what the markers are and how they are used? I only sew leather as a hobby making golf bags etc. always keen to know how the professionals do it. Kind regards Paul


He can’t answer you.

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A Marker is an arrangement of the pattern pieces as they will be cut on fabric. The Marker is as wide as the fabric, and the grainline of pattern pieces follow the grainline of the fabric. It is several steps more complex than the current Layout function in Valentina. We plan to implement this in the future.