Mac OS11 Big Sur?

Continuing the discussion from 20200914 Weekly Release:

Hi! Welcome to the Seamly forums!

Considering that Big Sur was released to the public less than a week ago, I don’t think our devs have been able to look into it very deeply yet. @slspencer could tell us more.

Which release date was it that you tried installing? The mid-September release that you posted on, or the mid-October release that is linked on the home page?

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That makes sense. I’m new to this forum so I’m not exactly sure where to find everything but if I’m not mistaken, I actually installed a release from July.


I’m assuming that the download link on the front page,, got updated recently then. If you want to try the latest weekly releases, they can be found at: Releases · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub. There have been a few lovely improvements since July, & maybe more recent updates might even work with Big Sur!

I can’t really speak for the devs, but I think they would appreciate the part of your system log relating to trying to load Seamly2D, (it could be found in the Utility “Console” back in Tiger, IIRC. Maybe it still is?)

Once again, we’re happy to have you here!



Speaking of which… I just pushed changes for the Variables and History dialogs that Aline has confirmed fixes the issue of crashes on a Mac (w/ Catalina) when the Esc key or Close button is pressed. I would expect the changes to appear in a weekly update soon. Would be interested to know if it will work with Big Sur.