Looking people interested in AAMA and ASTM formats



Hi @slspencer, I think 2.1.3 is not available for Ubuntu. But I tried all export options. There are differences but the general picture is the same. Lines are not straight in some versions after rotating (only in some versions). It is not possible to measure a line, because if you click on a line the hole pattern is marked (in some versions the hole pattern, in some versions the hole outline or the hole inner line) Curves look weired, waiting for Keith instructions/tutorial. autocad 2000 aamaautocad R11-12 aamaautocad R11


There have been many questions and comments about the quality of Valentina’s exported vector images Curves in Valentina’s exported images can be improved. When the image upload is finished (hopefully in a few hours!) please check if this is already in an issue.


by testing the latest version of valentina in AAMA dxf exports are grerat tested in qcad the name of details comming into the cad and not flat but just labels are lost their size just fix the labels thanks


qcad details in groups


labels label size too short that not my label size design in valentina


and also the pattern labels is not shown


Thanks @jzabihi for looking into this and providing screenshots to prove that we really need to fix the DXF export files!


I could help if you wish