Little optimization (hack) to be or not to be?



@Stinde, i tested your pattern Gent Jacket with tummy.val and must say the app works very slow. The big number of objects take too much time to reparse.

Especially this is visible when move curve. I can make a hack that will make moving a curve very smooth. Reparsing will be called only after you release a curve. What do you think?


I agree. The reparsing should be delayed somehow. I just down know what is the best way. In all non interractive cases, the reparsing could happen after the operation.

I had a situation with one version of the same pattern, when I was changing the Height value in the Increment table from 180->179. I deleted the 80, but before I managed to enter 79 Valentina was reparsing with Height value 1 and because of some mathematical formula Valentina crashed. The only way to change thevalue was copy the new value from text editor and paste it into the place.


Can you repeat it?

Also this is good idea for new ticket. Please, add it.


Unfortunately I cannot. I was a version related issue and has not happened anymore. If it will, I’ll make a ticket