Little improvement for the details list



I decided to add highlighting when you click on detail name in the details list. For those who don’t know about what i am talking. This list contains list of details that will be available in layout. Available in the Detail mode.

The main reason is hard to find the detail only by name, especially if a pattern is not yours.


Nice and useful feature. Do you think, could it work also the other way round? Select a piece and get it selected on the list.


Better to add option to the context menu.


Very nice! Thanks, Roman :)!



Also added new option to the context menu. Now you can disable detail from the list in the context menu too.


The select all and select none are really good and useful features.

The jacket pattern I’m always referring is over 10 m in 24" paper. For this it would be nice to have invert selection too. I’m selecting about 5 m of pieces for the first print and then inverting the selection to print the rest. Now I’m doing it one by one.


Done. Hope this is what you asked.


YES, Thanks a lot. It is just what I was hoping for.