Lines and curves do not appear



When I want to refer (f(x)) to a line to get the same measurements, it does not still appear.

So I have to note the measure directly.

Is it normal, please ?

Thank you in advance. Anita


Hi @Anita,

Sorry, i don’t understand your question. Could you please try explain again?



Use double click or an icon :point_left:.



Thank you for you reply but The line B1 B2 is not in the list. So I can’t click on this line


@Anita, a pattern is a sequence of objects. This mean an item that create line or curve no nothing about it. You will not find it in the list. Also this mean you will see line or curve only in the list for next items. Previous to this item also do not know anything about it.

Why do you need this line?


I need this line when I want to get the same measurement at another line.


@Anita, can you send me a file and instruction which line do you want to create?



I’m sorry for the late response. I joint a file. Thank you for your reply.

PS : I need this line when I want to get the same measurement at another line.


@Anita, you did not explain which line do you want to build.



I am sorry but I don’t speak very well english. So I am having trouble to explain what I want.

But I try again : when I want to have the same measurement, I open “Editer longueur” but in the example that I send you, the line A162 - A172 does not appaer. So I have to note the measurement of this line. (There is not only this line who doesn’t appaer).

So It is a problem when we change the size because this line for example will not be automatically modified. Thank you.


Don’t worry about this. Your english is good enough.:wink:

Did you attached a .VAL file? Because i can’t find it. Watching an image is not enough for helping you.


@Anita, send me the file on


I send you the file.

On the point “A 135”, I would like to have the measurement of the line (A162_A171)/2 but I can’t because this line doesn’t appaer in the list when I open this list.

@Anita, i checked your file. As i told you before

Let’s look what you have.

The point A153 was created before line A162-A171. This is the main reason why the app doesn’t show you the length. Logically you must create line A162-A171 before declaring point A153.

The second problem is point A172 that was created also after A153.

So, logically it is impossible to get this data now.


What to do? Fix a sequence. This is a weak part of Valentina, such moving usually very painful. And should be made very careful.



Thank you for your reply. I understand better the problem. I wish you good luck in your researches and congratulations for the progress brought to the software.


I can try “fix” your file if you want.



Tank you for your opportunity. But it is not necessary for this pattern.