Line intersecting arc has 2 possible solutions


Every line intersecting an arc has 2 possible solutions. It is not possible with Valentina to control which of these solutions will result when the function is used in a pattern. The result of this is that if a pattern is created with the intent to scale (either through multi-size patterns or through creating the pattern with different sets of individual measurements) the pattern may be drawn incorrectly. I have seen other forum threads that discuss this issue. I can provide a .val file and two .vit files which illustrate it if you need this. I propose a solution to this for Valentina. My proposed solution is that the tool allow selection of either the “near” point or the “far” point based on the origin of the line


Can you provide an image of both cases?


test_arcIntersectAxis.val (2.2 KB)


Please, create an issue.


@slpencer provided a picture that describes the issue precisely. @dismine do you still want a screenshot from me to illustrate how it can affect a pattern?


No. Picture that provided @slpencer will be enough.


Here is the issue: