Let's test new tool Symmetry


Hi all,

I have finished developing new tool Symmetry. As always test and say what do you think.

These two new tools work very similar to the tool Rotation.

(Aidez moi) Help me on Valentina

Cool tool. Works very nice. Just in time for me. I was really need for it.

Needs a little explanation. I had 2 simple curves to mirror and of course I selected both ends of the curve, but I cannot select the points used for the symmetry. I took awhile to figure it out.



Yes, exactly. You cannot select such points. Same rule works for the tool Rotation too.

Okay, thank you for your feedback, i will improve tooltip for tools.


I have tested the tool and it worked very well. I had a crash at some point but after that I tried really hard to reproduce it and I couldn’t. In the error message there was something about an id that didn’t exist. Unfortunatly I didn’t think in the moment to make a screenshot. If it happens again I will report it.

It was the first time that I used any tool of the “operations” and at first I didn’t understand that I had to press enter, because I didn’t notice the tool tip down. Once I noticed it and saw what I had to do I was perfect.

Maybe the Tool tip could be made a bit more visible (for instance another color), when using a tool for the first time? In order to draw the attention of the user?


That’s pity.

If this will happen again think about what you did not about taking a screenshot.

No, this not make any sense. The app can’t know your experience. This is task for good user tutorial or something like this.


yes, if it happen again and i can reproduce the steps that lead to the crash, i will include thoses steps in the report. A screenshot of the crash-dialog is probably useful as well.

Yes that’s true, if the user was taught to look at the tooltip in the tutorial/user manual, then everything should be fine.


I am having problems with the tool as well. It actually worked a few times, but today I could not get it to work at all. I am using the latest test version downloaded yesterday on a mac.

Here’s what happens. I was trying to replicate a waist dart which is made up of two lines.

  1. I click on symmetry tool (mirror on axis for example)
  2. tooltip says to select an object. I selected a line (and a dotted rectangle appears around it)
  3. I tried using shift / command key to select another object (the other dart line) but nothing happens. The tooltip doesn’t say which key to use to select more than one object but I am assuming it is one of this two. Anyway nothing happens, so I give up and was going to mirror the lines one at a time, so I click Enter
  4. Then this pops up and then the program crashes.

The same thing happens when I use the other symmetry tool (mirror by line). Just that every time it is a different id number reported.


Thanks, i think this will be enough for me to release a patch.


Sorry, i should ask again. Did you build the code or downloaded it?

If i am right i made a fix couple of days ago. Here https://bitbucket.org/valentinateam/valentina/commits/14304595f4c4ddafbfb23d6c7c78b851b92ff082. The commit was made 2016-10-04. The last test build from download page dated 2016-09-28. So it does not contain the patch.

Just do not select lines if you use the tool and all will be fine.


Hi, oops sorry, I don’t know how to build the code. I downloaded it. :blush:




Thank you! Will try it out.