Leggings pattern tutorial on youtube


I am not sure if I put this post in the right category, if not let me know and I will remove it.

I just made a video tutorial for drafting a leggings pattern with Seamly2D. I uploaded the video to youtube and I want to share it with you. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/1-SP28rzHV8

I want to thank all the Seamly team for developing this great software!


Oh, wonderful :smile: Thank you very much, @huraganka

Can you, perhaps, also add the link to the list of Youtube tutorials in the User Manual wiki, please?

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Merci beaucoup pour cette video, pour les francophones les mesures utiles sont le tour de hanche (hip circumference), la profondeur de hanche (hip depth), la profondeur d’entrejambe (crotch depth), la longueur du côté (side length), les tours de genou (knee circumference) et cheville (ankle circumference). J’ai cherché donc je partage.


Hello Huraganka, I Just tried to draw your pattern and i found 3 mistakes, i think.

  • at 4 mn 46 from the video concerning point 13 you write in red hip-circ/10 and in grey 1/10 of hip circumference +1 shall we add 1 or not.
  • at 5 mn 11, A10-A15 and not A10-A14
  • then the sense of 2 curves is not good we have to draw a curve between A12 and A18 and not A18 and A12 (7mn13), then between A16-A14-A12 and not A12-A14-A16 (8 mn 18). I send you too a notice that i’ve done to help me. Could you tell me if I’ve made mistakes. Thanks a lot.Notice Valentina Legging.pdf (64.4 KB)

Moi je n’utilise aucune mesure de SeamlyMe je les rentre directements issu de mon Barème des mesures standard Français… j’ai fais une vidéo aussi sur comment je travail avec seamly2D si tu veux jetter un oeil : https://youtu.be/aSDA9O3Ut5Y


Oh merci beaucoup. Je pense que tu es nettement plus opérationnelle que moi. Je découvre seamly2d et je le trouve formidable mais je ne maîtrise pas tout. Bonne soirée Claudine