Layout lines and point placement



Is there a way to create a line of specific length starting at a point and ending on a line? The instructions for the pattern I’m working on says: “From point 14 to the horizontal line connecting 1 and 2, apply 1/4 waist measurement and mark point 15 on line 1-2”


Use the Shoulder tool in the Points group. You will pick your two points for the line, then the origin point of the new line, then enter the length.

It is possible that we should rename this tool. Does anyone have a suggestion for a new name?


That didn’t work. I doesn’t place the ending point on the line.


I use the tool . First choose first point of line, then second point of line (make sure the length of the line is long enough) and then choose point from where the length should be measured.


That worked like a charm. Excellent, thanks.