Layout error, help

Hello I worked out this model but when I go to create the details I draw so ’ Because ?? I can not understand Thank you Laura

Sorry thi is the error

ciao ho elaborato questo modello ma quando vado a creare i dettagli mi disegna cosi’ Perche ?? non riesco a capire Grazie Laura

I think you mean that the one on the left isn’t correct and the one on the right isn’t taking the curves. You need to include the curves when selecting the detail. In other words, you click A7 and then the curve, then A10 and then the curve, then A17 and all the other parts in a clockwise direction.

You will notice that the curves have a small arrow on them indicating the direction that they were created in. If this arrow shows a counter-clockwise direction, then you need to hold down the ‘Shift’ key when clicking on the curve to reverse the direction to clockwise.

I hope this helps.

I thank you very much, you gave me important information because I could never work with the curve. Now I try Thank you If I can load the model, maybe it can be useful to someone Laura

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Sorry I tried to push the uppercase key to shoot the arrow but nothing happens

Did you use the Shift key? Not the Caps Lock key?

You can also change the direction when editing the detail in the options menu.

Here is a query that dealt with this issue before that may help you: