Layers to work on top of each other for every section of pattern



Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create different layers for different parts of the patters but the new layers being on top of the existing ones. Actually, when I try to create a second piece of pattern, point B is outside of where I want it to be and I can not move it to where I want. I am tracing a bodice block and a sleeve block from that bodice The only way I found is to trace the sleeve on top of that bodice, because I need the sleeve measurements done in the bodice block, so I can not have the sleeve as a separated piece of the pattern. If I add it as a separated piece, the point B appears outside the bodice block and there is no way I can move it to where I need (the bodice block balance points)



Hello @Amaia,

Version 0.4.x doesn’t have anything to help you. But candidate in version 0.5.0 has Group feature that helps to hide objects. This is more like substitute, not real layouts.

Also, can you post an image here for me to help better understand what are you trying to make?


Thank you @dismine Do you know when version 0.5.0 will be available? Here is an image of what I am trying to do. I need to see the master block in order to see the balance point to build the sleeve. And from there, adapt that master block into different kinds of bodices (this one a raglan one)


You can try to use a test build. I publish new each Monday.

New release will be released after i will finish seam allowance tool redesign.

Puffed sleeves

Forgive me, but my knowledge in pattern making is not enough to understand which parts you need to trace.

Yes, you can try to hide parts you don’t need to trace, but still i don’t understand why you are doing tracing.


@dismine how do we hide parts? Thanks!

  1. Select the tool.
  2. Select objects by clicking. Hold CTRL for multiple section. Or use rubber band.
  3. Press Enter.

That’s all.


Does some one know how works rubber band on mac? Mac users where are you?:slight_smile:


Just click and hold mouse and drag