Laser cutting and Valentina

Hello Everybody,

I am from India and my wife runs a tailoring shop here.

I am a computer science engineer turned digital marketing professional. I have been looking at how the cutting masters do their work and have always thought of making a robot do the job much efficiently. With my limited experience in the world of cutting and stitching I have assumed that its possible with Valentina and an XY laser cutter. Has anyone tried this yet ?

Hi @kenneyjacob, The pattern can be exported to .svg and used on most cutters. I have a little Silhouette Cameo but have to do all sorts of back flips to import the file into it and it’s too small to cut the pattern efficiently. However, people are using Inkscape to convert them into .dxf or whatever format is required by their cutters, plotters and lazers. If you have access to an XY laser, why not give it a try?

Valentina allows export to .dxf

Hi, at WeMake (makerspace in Milano, Italy) we use Valentina to design our patterns but we have to save it through Inkscape to use the correct dxf format for our laser cutter. You can see some samples of our students work here: Best, Sara


What is wrong with native dxf export?

We need a .dxf R14 or R13 for the file to be visualized by our laser software. Another thing I don’t need when I lasercut is the seam allowance line. Small cuts within the beginning and the end of the line are just fine to know where to sew. Also, when I design symmetrical patterns I usually make just a half on Valentina and then duplicate and merge on Inkscape. Hope it’s useful.

Yes, thanks. :slight_smile:

Wow! @Sara_Savian, I watched your video and I’m blown away :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing

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Really impressive work on the video.

Have you tested laser cutting on fabric with less thickness ? Maybe silk or cotton ?

Unfortunately we can’t provide such formats. The library we use for generating DXF doesn’t support yet such formats.

Yes we’ve tried many different fabrics, silk is much better than cotton since it doesn’t fray. Mixed materials such as cotton and polyester are also good.

Which laser cutter are you using ?

What about G-code on laser cutter ?

@kenneyjacob should be

@fabrice, I couldn’t find manufacturer & model information on the website.

Zoe says that has a Workline 80W laser. Maybe this one?

Sorry for the late answer, at wemake we have a CO2 lasercutter. It cuts the surface by burning it. Best S.

Yes, it’s correct. :slight_smile: