Kudos on user interface with Valentina and Qt


Let’s hear it for platform independence!

Yesterday I downloaded the Monday build onto my laptop (which happens to run Ubuntu 16.04 with the Unity user interface). I did this for convenience because I wanted to have my laptop with me to work on some pattern work rather than sitting in my office with my desktop computer.

I had already compared the “look and feel” of Valentina with the same build date in Windows and KUbuntu 16.10 with the KDE/Plasma user interface.

What struck me was that in each case the user interface was well integrated into the desktop environment. While I am personally “multilingual” in the use of different operating environments I realize that many people are not. Your choice of Qt and the expertise with which you have used it will be an asset to many users who focus on design and pattern creation and see the computer as a tool. Those users will find the interface familiar in their preferred environment. Good job!