Kimono one piece

I am making a one piece kimono. There is no separate sleeve, back and front bodice as its attached to one block. I am now going to tackle this amazing garment but wonder if anybody has insights as to how to approach growth without separate sections. The front and back bodice with arm will all be one piece. How exciting!

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Hi @AmandaClarice

The bodice will be created using the normal measurements from SeamlyMe and then rotated as shown in the 2nd picture. Raise the shoulder tip by 1/4" and create the curved shoulder line.

Then you may add the line from the shoulder tip to wrist using the Sleeve Length measurement and the angle of the shoulder tip curve + 180 degrees. Create the wrist line at 90 degrees to the sleeve line and half of the around hand measurement. I’d use the Point at distance and angle tool for both of these lines. Draw a line from the bottom of the wrist to the armhole.

I’d place a node 1/3 distance from armhole along this line and draw in the curve to the waist using the direction of the lines for handle angles and the distance to armhole multiplied by .55 (this can be adjusted according to taste) as the length of the handles.

Then adjust the neck as indicated & voila! You’re done!

The pattern should resize very well according to whatever sizes you load. :slight_smile:

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