Kim to revamp issues list on github

I will be in the process of revamping the issue list on Github over the next few weeks.

My intent is to make a list of issues which are described well enough to encourage first time code contributors.

Please feel free to invite anyone to THIS forum under THIS topic whom you might think would like to join the discussion.

thank you @Grace @slspencer @schwowsers @Douglas @KeithFromCanada @ladysinaz

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@Krolich I saw your discussion with @Grace of the multisize table. That is a great example of the type of thing that would make a good new feature and which should be added as an issue on github. can you create a new github issue and just give it a minimal description (“revamp multisize table feature”) and we can discuss it on the original topic where you were with Grace.

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I am about half way through (starting from the end of the list - oldest issues first) looking through the issue list and assigning some labels to categorize them. I have a partial list that I need to discuss with @slspencer. These include the following:

  • New icon for tools #6
  • Choice between inches and centimeters in options #8
  • Status bar #22
  • Future feature: Visual programming #21
  • New feature: Pattern Share #19
  • Interface with pattern cloud?
  • Check if need delete tool "Point at intersection of arc and line" #45
  • Add ‘Angle of Line’ user function #44
  • Add ‘Angle of Vector’ user function #43
  • Ideas from the Usability review. #39
  • New feature: Flip piece in Detail mode #81

I have questions on whether these are still valid, should be closed, or I do not understand the description.

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Due to work pressures I’ve not been in a position to push forward much with the pattern cloud. I did start work on some web services to push/pull patterns directly, rather than having the user save them to files and open them manually. There didn’t seem to be much point in progressing this without an indication that the application side would be changing to make use of same.

In essence, what I envisage is:

  • Fetch a list of available patterns from the pattern cloud. This would include subsets: template patterns (e.g. basic blocks in various systems), my patterns and shared patterns.
  • Open a pattern directly in Seamly2D from the above list.
  • Save a new pattern version from Seamly2D directly to the pattern cloud.

Clearly this needs to handle measurement files too.

If we had some suitable publicly shared templates then I would suggest that the ability to start a new pattern from a selection of cloud hosted templates would be a useful first step.


@MrDoo thank you so much for your response. I will probably close the old issue and write up a new one. I will start with what you said in this message and try to state it in such a way that it can be tackled by a contributor. I agree with you on the issue of publicly shared templates. I will attempt to describe such a template in a way that we might attract someone to help create some. If you have any thoughts on a description of template I welcome them.

There didn’t seem to be much point in progressing this without an indication that the application side would be changing to make use of same.

I will try to make it easier for a potential code contributor to see where they can help.

I agree it would be frustrating to continue to make progress in a vacuume. I have decided not to wait until my life gets calmer and just contribute what I can, when I can. I have spoken with @slspencer and will continue to do so in person when she and I can span the 40 miles that separate us. (When she is not traveling and I am not either, which cuts it down to a few days a month). I appreciate you hanging in. I still believe the Seamly2D project is the best option for many target user audiences. I intend to keep using it and for a time, I will help to make it better.

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I have begun the process of adding “labels” to issues on the github issue list. This is primarily for the purpose of being able to easily sort the issue list. @slspencer I welcome your input or anyone else’s input on the subject of whether I have or have not chosen wisely in the types of labels I added as potential sorting tools

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if you notice the label “question” it means that I, Kim, am not able to parse the issue description well enough to be confident how to deal with it (as of the week of Oct 23 2018)

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