Kershaw blocks



Has anybody drafted the Gareth Kershaw Men’s blocks that would be willing to share?


Are you willing to work with others in this thread to develop these blocks? Please say yes to start a great community effort!

At less than $40, Gareth Kershaw’s book is one of the least expensive patternmaking books available. It appears to be very well organized. This would be a perfect way for us to discuss how to make blocks and what to do with them to create finished designs. This community is all about expertise exchange.


I think that listing is not quite right - I have the 2013 edition, which has the cover pictured, but it’s titled “Patternmaking…” rather than “Pattern Cutting.” Since it appears nobody has drafted any of this already, I’ll probably begin work on one or more of them shortly. I’m surprised so few files have been shared on - I’ll aim to help fix that.

I feel like I’m flying a bit blind with Seamly - I don’t have any idea how I’ll proceed once I’m finished with the blocks. It’s not yet an intuitive way to create. The main reason I want to begin using the software is to enable me to grade my (already existing on paper) patterns for “standard” sizes. This is my motivation, so my work will be focused on achieving that particular goal.