Javascript mentor for Valentina GSOC project



Hi @Holger,

You’re a fantastic beta tester, developer, and user for Valentina! We certainly appreciate your contributions.

Would you like to be a mentor for Google Summer of Code 2017? We have a project that is written in Javascript, but it needs a coding mentor. It’s not python, but it’s not C++ either!

If you are not interested, do you know a javascript developer who would enjoy listing “GSOC mentor” on their resume? The project would be sponsored by FOSSASIA. When we find a mentor we will list the project on their GSOC ideas site.


Hey Susan,

many many thanks for your kind words!

I think beta testing and helping to develop new ideas is a good way for me to contribute to Valentina. I can do this in my spare time without further problems and even if I wouldn’t have time to do it, the project would still evolve. I think, being a coding mentor for a project is a different level… As I know from my own project, it can be hard to maintain a good work-life and family balance and, at the same time, be a good mentor for my project. A second responsibility for another project wouldn’t make it easier :wink: So, at the moment, I’m sorry but I can’t be of any help with your JavaScript project.

If I find anyone who is interested, I’ll let you know!

Regards, Holger


Hi Susan,

I looked over the github repo and I think I can help. I don’t know how GSOC mentorship works, but I see opportunities for refactoring and for improving the overall code organization of the project.

I haven’t used knockout, but I know jQuery and I can usually figure things out.

Is the goal for GSOC

  • to clean up and finish the project based on the existing library choices (knockout/jQuery/jQueryUI), or
  • to do a rewrite using more recent libraries (e.g. React, mithriljs, or other DOM-diffing framework)?

I’d be available through e-mail, Skype, or instant messaging / slack. Now that my son can go to kindergarten, I think helping this part of the project move forward would be an interesting experience.


Hello Sabine,

It is nice to hear you again.:bulb:


Sorry about fading out so quickly on contributing to Valentina itself. I felt my C++ skills just weren’t adequate to understand everything at that time and I found I had less and less time available as my son was growing older.

It’s great to see that Valentina is still there and moving forward. It’s such a cool project!


Hi Sabine,

Yes it is wonderful to hear from you! No apologies needed, your family is of course more important than anything else.

About your questions, if possible it should be rewritten with more recent libraries. Functionally, the diagram and the measurement fields need to be updated. It doesn’t work in all browsers (works in IE, Firefox, but not Chrome), so that needs to be fixed as well.

GSOC sponsorship is possible through FOSSASIA. I’m sending email now to add this project to the GSOC ideas list and add you as a mentor.


Doing a rewrite using more recent paradigms/libraries sounds like a good plan to me - both in terms of providing a useful learning opportunity to the student and for maintainability down the road.

The code seems to work after I add this:

What are the use cases for the project?

I see these at the moment:

  1. allow a seamstress to record/edit measurements using a mobile device
  2. allow recording/editing measurements over the internet (possibly interesting for any kind of project that needs to ask for a particular set of measurements)

Depending on who the targeted users are, it might make sense to take a moment to reconsider how to make it usable for them.


As of today, we’re now officially accepted into FOSSAsia’s GSOC projects. The repo(s) for widget and phone app need to be in the FOSSAsia’s github account. The knitapps, knit-editor and other open fashion projects at FOSSAsia will contribute to this project as they need it too. This connects us back to the open fashion community I started at Libre Graphics in 2010, where I met Mario and Hong Phuc who subsequently founded FOSSASIA and wholeheartedly believe in the open fashion cause. It will connect us to more programmers, and could also help us find good C++ contributors for the Valentina code base.


Congratulations to all!