Issues with Notches

A couple things that might need fixing in the Notches department.

I can’t figure out how to have notches on the mainline, (such as if the seam allowance is included in the draft,) without also having seam allowance on. It can be worked around by the setting seam allowance to 0, but I thought it was supposed to show even without turning seam allowance on if it was set to use the mainline. Maybe if an “off” seam allowance would actually be a 0 instead of null?

The other problem turned out to involve features beyond the scope of this thread.

That’s all for now.

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You still have to set the “Show second notch on seam line” in the pattern preferences. This one caught me a couple times too as I was working on the notches.


As it is right now the pref setting has to be set as well as the checkbox in the dialog…not my doing. I’m thinking the behavior should probably be changed so that the dialog overrides what ever the the pref is set at. It’s suppose to be a pref to set the dialog to a default, it shouldn’t be required to have both set. I will add it to things to improve on the notches.

Here’s a example of placing a notches on the seam line as well as displaying a notch (A12) with zero seam allowance. Note that setting the show notch on seam allowance has no effect if the there is 0 seam allowance.


One thing I am aware of is that if the seam allowance is say 0.1 then the notch will display at what ever the length is set at… such as:


I’ve debated whether or not to limit the notch length the the seam allowance width?

I’m also aware that there are some other anomalies in the rendering of certain notch types… specifically when on curves.


If we were one of those boards with silly titles, I would dub you “Hero of the Seamly notch!” Which probably explains why we don’t have those.

Maybe have that as one of the Preferences? Defaulting to not, I think. I can’t imagine why someone would want a seam allowance that small, but if they did I think they might like to be able to have the notches remain at a default size, even though it overlaps the seamline.


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Yes… a checkbox preference to limit the notch length to the seam allowance makes sense. :slight_smile: