Issue with the varibale measurement feature concerning the use of curves


I have a weird issue with the variable measurements feature. If I use a curve-length for a variable measurement ( in this case the length of the armhole for the construction of the sleeves) it will accept it at first but then will no longer find the dataset of the curve and say something of an unknown token. Am I using the feature wrong? I am at a bit of a loss. The problem stays the same with a new pattern document ( the screenshot is from that try )


@Sophia if you can upload your .val and .vit file, I will be happy to take a look at it. I do not really understand the steps you have taken to get to this issue without seeing those files. Thank you


@kmf Thx for taking the time. The problem happens independantly from the original construction. It happens anytime I try to load a curve-measurement into the variable measurement featureTestpiecetoshowproblem.val (1.9 KB)


could you also please upload the vile DamenOBK_38.vst

thank you


DamenOBK_38.vst (2.7 KB)


thanks. I will look at it this evening


@Sophia, I was thinking that this was an issue I had heard of before. Please take a look at this discussion because I believe you are seeing the same issue. Specifically

The issue is not specific to the length of curves. The issue is the way you are attempting to use increments. An increment is a global variable intended to be defined and assigned a value before the pattern is drafted. Perhaps you can use your formula (including the length of curves) inside the constructed pattern itself. (e.g. use a formula including the length of the arm hole opening to draw the sleeve cap)

@Grace and @slspencer may have additional insight


Yes, the reason that it does this is that the Increments go into a section of the pattern file before the actual drawing of the program so, effectively, there are no lines and curves to use in formulas. As soon as you exit the Increments tab, the instruction gets saved to the pattern file and reverts to 0.


A bug… or as a Roman point of view - I didn’t think of that .


Thank you all explaining that helped alot . It felt more elegant to store all my measurement formulas there (especially since lines and curves do at times appear to be selectable in that window.) But now knowing why it isn’t working and in knowing that I indeed was stubbornly fighting against the program itself :smile:, I can easily just use the formula in the sleeveconstruction.