Issue: Line/Axis point tool



Not sure if this would be considered an issue or a request or what. I understand that you can put the 4th point of the axis/line tool point where ever you want and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a point. However, I Think that If you do choose an existing point it should snap into/use that point as the last anchor. As of now it does not as seen in this screenshot.


I used this same pattern to retest. No matter what I did I could not recreate the error… yet. I tried “save as” under a different name as that was one of the steps I did when I first got the error. Deleted all of the points that are now missing and tried to recreate them. worked just fine this time.

Although… in this next shot in keeping with the “you can click anywhere you want for the last point” idea that prompted this post. I chose A1,A4 A3 then clicked my mouse on the line exactly where A16 is and it put the point as expected. I follow the exact same process to recreate point A17 and you can see in this next screen shot that rather than putting the point where my mouse pointer is, it Shot it over to the left and put the point on the corner of the axis graphic


I think that you’re using the wrong tool. The Line/Axis point tool will place a node along a line using a swivel (axis) point. You will need to enter the degrees from the axis point that you require the node to be placed at.

However, what I suspect that you want to do is to place a node at the intersection of 2 lines… For this, you use the Point at Line Intersection Tool: image

As you can see, I have used it to create node A31 over the top of A17 in your file I downloaded to check the printing preferences:



I actually need both. But thank you. I didn’t realize that the intersecting line tool was what it is. It never occurred to me to look under “line” for the tool since it doesn’t create a line it creates a point. I would assume that would be under the “points” section.


LOL, yes, I totally agree with you. But I dare not suggest that it get moved, yet. There are so many more important changes being worked one. :wink:


i hope that one of the next things that gets worked on is a prioritized list of changes. even small items like moving a tool to a more appropriate place in the GUI would be best if documented