Issue: Dialog boxes don't move in Ubuntu build



I use Seamly2d on Windows 10 without any problems. I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop and then I installed Seamly2d with the commands:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:susan-spencer/seamly2d
             sudo apt-get update
             sudo apt-get install seamly2d

When I use some tools, such as Point at distance and angle, a window will open. Usually in Windows 10 I can take the window with the mouse and move to see the paths below. But in Ubuntu I can’t do it, because all the Seamly2d window moves and change size.


can you be more specific and please attach screenshots if possible. We will try to identify and fix issues. It is possible that what you describe is an issue with the Qt package that provides the support for graphics on different platforms (windows and Ubuntu). It is also possible that we can help you to find updated versions of Qt that would fix the problems for you.

Can you please start with the Help menu item and tell the date and time of the build and version of Qt. These can be found in the window shown when you choose "About Seamly2D from the help menu


Thank you for your reply. I attach the screenshots. Qt 5.9.5 (GCC 7.2.0 64 bit). I try to attach a video, too. Because with the screenshots is difficult to understand the problem.Schermata%20del%202018-10-05%2008-54-47


I don’t see the video. I attach it here. 2018-10-05 08-58-06.flv (498.5 KB)


Yes I have this problem too on Ubuntu. The dialog boxes can’t be moved.


I asked Roman Telezhinskyi in his new forum, I hope this is not a problem for you. He told me that it is Gnome in Ubuntu that has this feature. He gave me a link to change the settings: How do I move child windows without moving or minimizing parent in Ubuntu 17.10 with GNOME 3? - Ask Ubuntu But I decided to install Mate desktop. I will do it tomorrow.


I installed Mate as explained in this link: How to install Mate desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux - and everythink is ok.