Issue #527: Pasting a wrong formula : every dialog box is "glued" to the screen and can't close file or Valentina. (dismine/valentina)


New issue 527: Pasting a wrong formula : every dialog box is “glued” to the screen and can’t close file or Valentina.

mil sv:


So something weird happened and I thought you’d like to know :

I was working on a new pattern, just had maybe two lines drawed. I was creating a new point and wanted to paste a formula I had used and copy previously ; but apprently I did not copied it right so instead I pasted a few lines of text I had copied before. THe surrounding of the dialog box for creating points went black, and then all the windows or boxes I oppened just stayed “glued” to the screen. I can’t close this pattern file or Valentina at all. But if I create a new file this one works perfectly. Also the file that bugged is now a transparent or black window .

I made screenshost so you see what I’m talking about :

Capture du 2016-07-14 10-47-24.png

Capture du 2016-07-14 10-53-34.png

Capture du 2016-07-14 10-53-47.png

So this is not a huge deal as I kind of know what created the bug and it was my mistake, but I thought you might want to know about that.

Thank you so much for your great work ; I use Valentina on a daily basis and it’s been such a huge time saver for me !