Issue #243: Spinboxes decimal separator localization (dismine/valentina)


New issue 243: Spinboxes decimal separator localization

Felix Ulber:

Hi, it would be great, now that we just messed around alot with decimal separator stuff, to do this also for all Spinboxes (that handle float values). I searched the project, and as far as I can see this affects the following places:

  • Several tool dialogs
  • Increments table (via delegate)
  • layout settings
  • tooloptionspropertybrowser via vporpertyexplorer

Sorry, I would just care about but I am stil not completely familiar with the architecture. Actually setting the spinbox can be simply done by QWidget::setLocale(). As values are read from Spinboxes in numerical format this works either way I think.

In the dialogs would it be sufficient to just set it accordingly in the constructor?

It seems I have no access to application settings in VProperyExplorer (VNumberproperty) - how can this be done.