Issue #159 - Options menu does not resize - discussion of wording



I was looking at the GITHUB issues and came across 159, which documents the problem with the options menu not resizing and thus presenting a difficult to use interface especially when the GUI language is French. The issue contains this suggestion.

Perhaps renaming the French title for ‘Passmarks’ to ‘Encoches’ will solve the problem (and perhaps renaming the English “Passmarks” to the correct term “Notches” at the same time)

Is there any discussion about changing to the use of the term Enoches for French and Notches for English? I would look into those changes as well as the resizing issue, and I am sure they would be changed in different files.


If it’s isn’t in the issues list, could you add it?


There is already an issue - Grace created it in January. I opened this thread hoping to get an opinion from anybody who cares to weigh in. The original user requested that the window be resizable. Grace suggested that changing the wording might make it fit better. Actually the wording “notches” and “enoches” makes much better sense to me than passmarks. I did not want to arbitrarily change the wording without discussion.

Setting up the window, and many of the windows in the GUI so that they can be resized is also something that I have wished for. So, if I were to fix the issue I would address both.

Do you prefer that it be separated into two different issues in GITHUB?


It is actually two separate issues:

  1. ALL dialog boxes should be resizeable
  2. Improve name from Passmarks to Notches in English and all translations


I agree. I will close the first issue and add two separate issues


Does the name “passmarks” have a significance that I fail to see?

Could it make sense as a translation from Russian?


Russian is my mother tongue and I have no idea. Probably just a case of linguistic creativity.

Also when I have first seen this word I knew exactly what was implied without a context for some reason so I guess it kinda worked :woman_shrugging:


@Krolich Thank you for your response. I was hoping for the input of someone who was fluent in the Russian language. Roman invented this part of the software and probably used the term passmarks because it made sense to him. I believe Russian is also his first language.

I may be the one who addresses the issue in the software and the first thing I would do is set the window so that it is able to be resized.

If I work on the wording, I want to be aware of all of the translations. In English the term notches makes the most sense to me. I learned to sew with commercial patterns 50 years ago in the United States. I will have to research the translation files and see that any change I make does not make it worse for some translations.

Again, thank you for your input.


“Notches” was the term used in the software specs that I submitted. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I actually fixed the scaling issue with FancyTabBar a few months ago, but for whatever reason I never pushed the changes. I’ll do so now.


@schwowsers - make a pull request at GitHub - FashionFreedom/Seamly2D: Open source patternmaking software.


Once the changes are pushed, I can test it on my local machine and will discuss the results of the test on this forum


I made a pull request last night. It can be found here. The Appveyor configuration appears to have an issue.


I see your pull request. I moved my comment about Appveyor to this new thread APPVEYOR configuration problem in Seamly build - Developer - Seamly Forum because I believe that is where it belongs