Is there a way to control which parts will flipped over in detail mode?


Some parts are flipped over in my printout.

With the version 0.4 it was OK, because all parts were blank.

In the current development version with the pattern text it is confusing to get some flipped patterns.

Is there a way to control which parts will flipped over in detail mode?


Can you give us an example?


Here are screen print from layout and detail


What exactly is wrong?


The layout pattern is flipped over. When I cut the fabric, I need to flip the part over again.

In the current work I’m doing has 28 pieces. It is annoying when 3 pieces are flipped over. When I’m verifying that all pieces are correct, I’ll stack them together. When some parts are flipped over the text is not visible any more.

However, my primary questions is - Is there way to control this beviour?


Right now no. This behavior is part of the way we generate a layout.


OK. That is what I expected.

It might become an issue afterwards, when we have the grain line on the pattern. Then we need to have the pattern piece printed the way we want.


Why? I don’t see any problem here.



Please create an issue, and copy-paste your description from this thread, and upload the screenshots. This is an important issue for garment production.


I don’t agree. I discussed this issue with my mom and she doesn’t see here an issue at all.


Duplicate my answer here.

Okay, i will do it.