Is it possible?

Can the developers enable drafting different pattern pieces in one sheet

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Hello Hailah, I do this by placing a node at distance and angle from a place on a previous pattern piece and make the line none. This way, I can I can move the 2nd pattern piece to join up with another by changing the distance and angle.

Other than that, I believe that @Douglas is considering such an option.

That being an option to the Move tool to align, or snap if you will , the destination objects to the source objects.

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If I take that to mean “pattern pieces” really being “draft blocks”… which are still incorrectly name named in the initial “New” pattern dialog:

This is incorrect:


It should read Draft block name: [ draft block 1].

I had this update in the works before I had a catastrophic hard drive failure and lost the work. :frowning:


That being said… Technically they already are on the same sheet, but that’s beyond the scope here - so No. We can’t have more than 1 draft block “ACTIVE” on the draft workspace (sheet, board). It wouldn’t even make sense as then it would simply mean there would be only 1 draft block, which as @Grace pointed out you can already accomplish.

I should also note that from any draft block, you can create any number of “Pattern Pieces”… which were formerly refereed to as “Details” or the “Workpiece”. For ex: here’s something I’m currently working on… this is the sleeve “draft block” followed by the 2 “pattern pieces” created from it:

sleevdb sleevepp