Introductions Thread?


Eh, mir fällt grad auf, ich stelle mich jetzt uns Eck, schäme mich, streue Asche auf mein Haupt und verlinke auf Timelace Studio

Wenn ich schreibe “tutorial” denke ich automatisch and die geschriebene Variante.

Sorry, guys, videos are somewhat out of focus in my mind :blush: The one of timelace exists and is fine. It is only a video, that’s why it didn’t come into my mind.


@Nyctophilia, you can also create a written tutorial in LibreOffice, export your tutorial in wiki format, then upload your exported file + your image files to our wiki.


Hi @slspencer

i found out that Valentina localization is the translation for valentina and not for Seamly2D. Where can i help to translate SEAMLY2D?

Greets Atropos


The programmer who left the project and made a fork, then deleted our original repo so that his repo was the oldest one and the ‘parent’, is saying that the translations are his. At this time, we share the translations with valentina. It’s bad form to deny a request to contribute to an open source project, whether to contribute code or translations.

That being said, I’ve contacted Transifex to ask what we can do to move forward on our own as Seamly2D, with a fork of the translations.


I’m moving this translations discussions to a new thread.


Hi! My name is Sini. Greetings from Finland. Any others here from my neck of woods?

I’m no developer, not even a professional pattern maker, but I’m willing to test the system from the point of view of a small business. In case there are more than a couple of Finns using the software, I could also find time to translate some parts of the program and tutorials into Finnish.

I found Seamly2D while browsing the Internet for a reasonably prized pattern drafting software. It seams likely that I’ve found what I was looking for; an affordable software that won’t force me to cut the corners!

I’m very interested in Seamly2D and also in the philosophy behind it. In my opinion, the slow fashion movement is the very best thing that has been introduced to the field in more than a century.


Welcome @Kuosini. We are glad to have you in the forum. Feel free to look around and ask questions. Someone will help when they can


Hi @Kuosini!
So glad you’re a Slow Fashion enthusiast!
As far as I know, you’re the first Finn to post.
Are you interested in learning pattern drafting?


(copy paste from my profile informations)

Hello, My name is Luca and i’m learning pattern modeling for high quality bespoke clothes and for clothes industry. I do that with my ability to use computers and electronics in general, and my father huge experience in bespoke tailoring, pattern making, modeling research. My family’s Atelier started as a italian traditional tailor shop, where my father used to manifacture men’s suit; thanks to research and embracing innovation (which is rejected and underrated by the most part of tailor in italy) it has became a modern laboratory with new tecniques of modeling and sewing, machines, and the capability to create also women dresses, wedding dresses and also sicilian traditional folk costumes. The thing we couldn’t afford is a pattern making software like Lectra ones (or Investronica). For this reason I started to use Valentina and Seamly 2D in an attempt to digitalize our know how in that beautiful art which is bespoke tailoring. If you want to see some of our works you can go to


@luca_lavore I see that your work is truly excellent. Thank you for joining us here in the forum and we hope that you will come by periodically and discuss ideas


thank you all to keep alive this forum and this software


I was just browsing your site and I’m totally amazed at what your family’s Atelier do. It is totally humbling. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile: