Introductions Thread?


Welcome @Nyctophilia


:smiley: the dark side of force is among us :female_detective:


@moniaqua Oh ja xD Zuerst hab ich geheult…dann bin ich erst gewachsen :grin:

@ronanletiec Wow! lifts top hat I made jeans trousers once… their fit was so bad, I decided to sew only skirts afterwards :roll_eyes: :joy:

@slspencer & @Annoyednewbie thank you :smiley:


It was lots of trial and error, only jeans n°6 was wearable. It was before I discovered Valentina and still did the patterns by hand :scream: the perseverance paid of, but it would have been easier and less frustrating to start learning sewing and pattern making with a simple tote bag or t-shirt haha



As you guys don’t wear skirts … :smiley: I remember that we had to do some sewing exercises on paper without thread, straight lines, angles, curves. Then we did I think one litte cushion or bag as preliminary practice and then we did our shirts. After that I did tops and skirts at home. We could have started out with a skirt; it is really easy if you make one with elastic waistband. It is just bigger than a little cushion and therefor needs more time.


Back in times when they really teached to sew in our school, students were making all the bedsheets for the dorm to learn sewing in straight lines :joy:


Hello, I went to fashion school a long time ago (all our pattern drafting was by hand). For various reasons I never got a job in the industry so I became a software developer instead. Now I’m living in Bermuda with my husband and I’m currently not working (I’m a dependant on his work permit). I’ve got a formal event next week so thought I’d get back into it by making myself an evening dress. Really happy to find Valentina - it’s much easier than doing things by hand!


Welcome here, redshoes :slight_smile: You don’t incedently program in C++? :wink: I think they are still looking for some developers here :slight_smile:


Unfortunately no. I wouldn’t mind learning though, maybe I can be useful.


Hi @redshoes! Welcome to the forum. Let us know if you have any questions making a pattern for your gown.


Hello folks! I’m new to Valentina and super excited to learn from you all and eventually, hopefully, contribute to this community.

I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for patternmaking. I’ve been making clothing as a hobby for many years but decided to take things more seriously a couple of years ago when I enrolled in a patternmaking program. At school we make custom patterns and there’s a heavy focus on fit, but everything is on paperm, which can be so arduous. I had been dreaming about Valentina/Seamly2D until i realized that It already exists!! Was so happy to find this tool and community of like-minded people.

Here’s to a new adventure :tada:


Hi @autom8!!!You’re in the right place, there are many of us who straddle between the technical, engineering and art worlds. Yeah, we had a mutual dream :wink:


Word of advice… Besides having a background in Civil Engineering and Technical Theatre… and having owned a costume shop for 36 years - the only fit that counts is when you do a fitting on the person and make adjustments accordingly. When humans are involved there will always be error in measurements, drafting, cutting, and sewing… and until THAT person tries on a garment will you never know if it fits.


Good Evening (in Europe)

I’m new to this Forum, but earlier this year i helped a bit translating Valentina to German. I’m a Sewer/Quilter. I try to make the most of my clothes on my one. i’m a professional handweaver (not working on this anymore, but I’ve learned it. And I would like to learn my one patterns.

Conserning localisation of Seamly2D, is it this project on transifex or has this changed? I’m willed to help translate Seamly2D to German, but not the fork.


Hi Atropos,

welcome here :slight_smile:

I think it must be both at the moment :slight_smile: I also think if you translate, no matter whether the transifex-site is Seamly2D or Valentina, it is the right thing to do. Because the ones you are actually helping are the users who aren’t that fit in English but would love to use the software :wink:

I’d translate, only at the moment I am busy with a lot of things in real life and tutorials for me have higher priority than translating (but I am using software with English language in GUI, so my point of view may differ from yours)


Are there German tutorials to learn the basics of seamly 2D?


Not yet, afaik :slight_smile: First I want to finish the t-shirt and do the skirt in English, but then I want to do both in German. It’s probably a good idea to make the GUI-Language German for that. :astonished:


Hi @atropos! It’s fantastic that you helped with the translation. Your Transifex translations will help Seamly2D.

And German Tutorials are needed!


Willkommen hier :smiley:

I’d love to make some tutorials as soon as I get better…but I’ve never done this before, do I need some specific stuff?


Here are two good free Windows software packages to make videos:

  1. Record your actions with Bandicam, or bdcam
  2. Convert the video to mp4 with Handbrake