Introductions Thread

Hello I am Dapo from Nigeria…

Learning to be a Freelance Pattern Designer.

Nice to meet you all.:slight_smile:

I can’t wait for the 0.6 release.


What? Are you from future?:slight_smile: You know something i don’t?

Haha. I wish!

The version 0.5 test builds have being really helpful, so I can only imagine what the next build holds.

Great job…

:+1:Who knows, who knows.

Hello Everyone,

I have a PhD in apparel and textiles and 25 years of industry experience. I am currently teaching and conduction research at a US university. I am in the process of opening a pattern drafting business and have been looking for a software program that is affordable for a small business. I have used and taught three of the major industry pattern drafting software programs, but they are too expensive for small business use. I found Valentina during my search for a reliable affordable CAD program that will permit basic pattern drafting manipulations on blocks such as pivoting darts, and slash and spread. I am looking forward to evaluating Valentina software.


Hi @PatternPhD Please keep us up to date on your use of Valentina. We are very interested to know your feedback. This is a friendly responsive forum, and we’re all very supportive of each other’s questions. We’re looking forward to your questions and comments!

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Ciao a tutti, premetto sono una autodidatta. Ho iniziato a creare modelli con questo programma da pochi giorni e già mi ha dato soddisfazione. L’unica cosa che non ho capito come realizzare le riprese o pence. Grazie per avermi accolta fra voi

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Hi @Manicreative, Postare le vostre domande su ‘le riprese o pence’ come un nuovo thread! Intendi “come creare e stampare l’immagine del Layout finale”? Saremo lieti di discuterne con voi come un nuovo thread. Post your questions about ‘le riprese o pence’ as a new thread! Do you mean “how to create and print the final Layout image”? We look forward to discussing this with you!

I suppose I should introduce myself… My name is Doug, I’m from Buffalo, NY USA and my main vocation for the last 40 + years has been working with various aspects of the theater with the last 36 years as a co-owner of a costume shop. My educational background includes computer programming (started the old school way - back when we used those things called punch cards - eeek), lots of drafting, a degree in civil engineering, multiple majors in technical theater - including costuming. Although it’s not my main concern, I’ve had plenty of programming experience with different OS systems & languages - including but not limited to, a somewhat rusty C++.

My side projects these days include photography and videography with live audio recording - which at one point included co-producing a local TV show that featured the local music scene. All these require extensive use of software programs, including but not limited to Corel Draw, Sony Vegas, Premiere, After Effects, Cubase, and Presonus Studio One… so I know my way around artsy & technical software programs

The reason I find myself here:

Besides lots of show rentals, we do a lot of custom period costume jobs for various costume designers across the country, and after a recent job - which I drafted a frock coat pattern from the Croonborg Blue Book of Men’s Tailoring - I decided I’m tired of drafting and hand grading patterns, and was postulating a way to use the scripting capabilities in Corel Draw when my partner suggested taking a look at Valentina… From my drafting background perspective I find it intriguing.

I’m not sure exactly what I can do, or how much I can do to help with Valentina going forward, I hope I might be able to bring a different real world experience to help out.


Hi @Douglas, I love this book. Definitely, you should code these patterns into .val files, and share one or two with us! I started with a book by R.I.Davis, these are fantastic books.

When you feel like brushing up on C++, we can find people to assist you. I’m looking forward to your posts on the forum.

  • Susan

Hi Susan,

I’ve have already coded a handful from The Blue Book… There is also the Croonborg Red Book, which is an updated system, with the main difference that The Blue Book results in drafts with a drop shoulder, where as the Red Book results in modern on the shoulder drafts. The Red Book also corrects many typos, errors and confusing instructions. Guess someone did some proof reading. LOL

You may also find interesting a method I came up with entering an existing pattern - like the one I coded today from a drape of a simple sleeveless shift dress one of my employees did - and then applying standard (2") grading rules between sizes like you would find in commercial patterns.

Is there a specific category on the forums that’s best to share patterns, or is the pattern sharing site a better option, or both?

Brushing up on the C++ is the easy part… it’s trying to get a grasp on the program’s construction that’s the hard part. :slight_smile:



Hello, I’m Dan. I’m not exactly a fan of sewing, but I have sewn a few things in the past when necessary. I’m really just looking to contribute to the project and gain some experience working on a large code base.

I believe it is more important to understand geometry and trigonometry than it is to understand sewing to make a contribution to the code. @slpencer is very good at translating sewing to formulas

Hello my name and Laura and I live in Rome italy. I am a teacher and designer of cutting and sewing, creative sewing (bags, accessories, home furnishing …) and patchwork. To date I have drawn the models by hand. Turning to the web I found Valentina and all of you. I find this exceptional group. I have some difficulties because I can not do with the program the things I do by hand and many times I do not know where to find the answers to my questions. I hope to learn al.piu soon and share my work with you. I managed to draw a purse and a skirt For the part of programming I can not help because I do not know it but to draw models if I learn I can help you and that I would very much like to participate actively in Valentina’s growth. Laura

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Hi @schwowsers! Download the latest Qt IDE, create a Bitbucket account, and take a look at the code. Then start up a discussion on this forum, create a post, about some issue that you want to work on!

Hi @laura! Great you are here. Please post any questions and we will be happy to help you. I have a question for you – What is al.piu?
We look forward to assisting you to create patterns.

Yep. I have recruited someone to help with C++ questions. If you have Qt installed and a fork of the lastest develop branch, and have successfully built the project (prior to making any changes), then I can put you in contact with him via email.

Thanks slspencer ‘Al.piu’ is a mistake of writing in the translator. That does not mean anything. As for the questions I would like to make I’m afraid to disturb too much with my requests, Now I’ll try things alone when I do not understand, I’ll ask. Thank you very much for your support Laura

Hi @Laura, please do not worry! We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you I get to work and as soon as possible I’ll ask you so many questions Thank you so much Laura

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