Introductions Thread

I managed to resolve the bug.:blush:

@Teodoragodar, at do you want to see in the video?

Great. You must be really busy. Tutorial for those group tool (eye,fiping,rotation) would be great. Thanks so much again

@dismine, I think, teodoragodar’s question about modelling could perhaps be combined with my last issue (, what do you think? A new modelling mode perhaps?

Don’t think so, what she asks can be achieved with current model. She just can’t understand how to use tools properly for this.

@dismine I would really like to get example of it if you say its possible with current model. Lets say that video you asked me about what would I like to see in it would be perfect if you can show me on simple form like square or circle or any simple form and than cut it and rotate and move specific parts. Basically that is all that I need. Everything else is here. Thank you again for all your effort.:slight_smile:

Yes, sorry i am really busy this days.:sweat: I will try find a time. No promises when. But maybe someone else also could help you? @Stinde, what do you think?

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I understand. When it happen,it happen. Thanks

I have a plan to create series of videos, but always running out of time. I’ll try a bit harder to get video. It will contain also the transformations.


That would be great. Thanks

Absolutely, Malissa is fine. I’m in remission and back at work haven’t spent as much time as I like to playing with the software it doesn’t work on my Surface RT and I hate setting at our desk top.

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Hmm, very interesting. According to this page Qt for WinRT it is possible to port Valentina for Surface RT. Maybe someone will find this task interesting.

Hello, I’m Tracy (Trippinbugs) from upstate NY. I’ve been sewing all of my life, specifically because I have always struggled with finding rtw clothes that fit me correctly. After high school, I became obscessed with how sewing patterns were made and how they relate to our bodies. I would say I’ve spent about the last 15-20 years researching on my own, learning new techniques, and honing my skills. I’m not a professional by any means, but I take pride in all I have taught myself, and now can enjoy the lovely things I wear. I’m an artist at heart, love all the outdoors, exploring, and anything DIY. I don’t have any experience with digital design, however, I have used photoshop, and I want to learn how to digitize patterns to help cut the waste costs. I think learning to do these things with paper and pencil first is always a great skill. One that you can always rely on, without outside needs. But I have always wondered if integrating some of my process digitally would help. I’m excited to learn, and ready to create! Currently, I’m studying the design and patternmaking process for lingerie. Specifically bras, and other underpinnings for myself. Outside of that specific place in my mind, I just love sewing in general…I make most of my own clothes, will sew special items for my growing boys if the occasion arrives, and other odds and ends around the house. I guess that’s all for my intro…now off to discover all the goodies I can in these forums. I thank any, and every person involved in this program! I think it’s a wonderful resource for many, and the information that everyone has shared is so invaluable. Thank you!!!



Hello everyone, I just wanted to say Hello. I´m from Germany and sew for nearly 30 years.

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Hi I’m Paul from Australia, I have a drafting background from the drawing board and AutoCAD. I am super excited to have found Valentina yesterday and am looking forward to designing in it. I have made the occasional golf bag, motorbike seat and saddle bags purely as a hobby. I am keen to use it to create patterns for these and possibly shoes in the future. Susan, I just watched a video from your presentation at the 2016 OpenTechSummit. it is great to see the vision for Valentina and how adidas are providing some funding. It gives me confidence that it is worth the time to learn the software.

Kind regards to everyone on the forum.

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Hi, my name is Grace & I live in a small town in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. I have been sewing since I can remember and have always wanted to make my own patterns. I think I’m the eternal student, always learning new things but proffesional in none. I found, downloaded and installed Valentina earlier this week and have already made my first pattern - which is cut out and ready for sewing. Amazing! What a wonderful program.

I’m a parttime bookkeeper nearing retirement, so I am looking at ways to supplement my retirement and have been contracted to design some sportswear for a local dance school. I’m also looking at making children’s clothing - birth to 5 years.

I would love to help you with your manuals and tutorials in English (or Afrikaans).


Hey my name is Sophia and I am a costume designer from Hamburg Germany. After I finished my MA I knew that I was not really fitting in to the whole theater scene and movie production in germany is slim so to pay the bills I became a flight attendant. Taking the stable income there as a platform I have been getting my own workshop and company ready an am just on the verge of leaving the aircraft buissness behind me and trying to do costumebased work full time. ( cross your fingers if you can :wink: ) I stumbled across this project 3 weeks ago and have to say I really love it. I hope I can contribute something or the other to it in the future.


Hello everyone, I’m Rozenn and I’m French. I finished my BA in pattern making in august. I chose to specialize in CAO, and so I’ve learned to use different software (which help me because some tricks work for Valentina). Since I’m unemployed, I don’t have access to my learned software but I have a lot of time, so it was a great surprise to found this project! Thanks to this I could continue to work as usual (I’m not fond of hand drafting patterns). I can’t help coding, so I might do pattern making video (in French) with Valentina when I will be more used to it.