Introductions Thread?


A test build contains last changes that will be part of next release 0.5.0. You can download it on the web site. Each Monday i publish new test build.


Basically if I understand good I have to create new layout from part that I want to cut and to rotate and re position? I do have option Operations under my tools but it doesnt allow me to use it on layout to rotate whole piece just on drawing and than he doesnt allow rotation of more points at the same time. I do have latest version at the moment.


You should do all transformation in Draw mode. We do not support transformation pieces.

Use tool Group if need to hide some objects.


Ok I understand now that part but I am still confused because in that mode it doesn`t allow me to choose object just to select point.


When you make an operation: rotation, moving, symmetry etc. you can select only point and curve.


is there a tutorial about using group tool? It is saying select OBJECT but how can I select object in drawing mode?


I dont understand using of this tools. Look down in left corner. It said select one or more objects and I can only select point or curve. Is there a tutorial for this?


In Draw mode an object is a point and a curve.:slight_smile:

No, it is new feature. And i am busy with developing features. Updating User Manual i decided to left for feature freeze state (when we will be close to release). And because no one else what to help me, no one will have a manual before i finish developing. All that you can it is ask me here.:unamused:


Oh wow. Big respect for you. I am sorry to hear that nobody can help you. I don`t think that I have knowledge to do that. :disappointed: I do need explanation how to use that tool so when you have time if you can explain I would appreciate.


Oh I saw now your answer abov quotes. Thanks anyway.If you think I could help you I would be glad.


I can make a small video about how it look like. Does it help? If yes, i will do it tomorrow.

Community is small, so not many people really can help. But the Wiki is open to all.


That would be very nice if you could.It is very nice of you to develop this program. Its going good way and hopefully eventually you will have complete pattern making program. Until now I like everything just big issue for me is modeling. I really need it for costumers. Its very rare that I use just basic pattern and of course it`s much easier to do modelling on computer than on paper. Thank you so much for everything.


Of course we do not plan to stop only on basic patterns, but before saying about limits please learn how to use what we have now. This will make our conversation more productive.


Yes of course. Yesterday I have made complete pattern from scratch and I like everything that I came across during that process. I used pattern maker for many years. I sew to a measure for 25 years and that program was really helpful. Maybe that is why I expect some things to see in your program. For me language is barrier since I don’t know any professional terms and I see here in forum people being very familiar with it. Your colleague told me to use my language and you can maybe translate. Regarding group tool,does it give an option to group points so that they can be rotated as an “object”?


No, for this we have separate tool. The Group tool help you select objects and control visibility. For example when you rotate a rotation angle can be small. This creates a lot rotated objects above original and if you don’t want to see a mess you hide some objects.


But in option for each point I can decide about angle and directions. What tool do you use to group points? Did you mean detail?


I am talking about tool with an eye icon.

This is the Move tool.


I do understand that just I don’t know why to rotate point but it’s just because until now I never came across task to need that. I think it is better that I wait for video that you mentioned you will make so than I can better understand this.


About a video, i stucked here with a bug, so video will be later.


No problem. Thanks for everything.