Installing new version doesn't overwrite old one

ETA: It seems that I had two versions of Valentina on my computer. I’d assumed that the old version would have been uninstalled. I uninstalled it manually now and that fixed things, but could you have the installer uninstall old versions automatically?

Original text: I just switched to the latest version a few days ago. I worked on a file that I’d created before, saving it several times. Today it alerted me that if I saved the file now, I’d lose backwards compability with older versions. I saved it anyway (wasn’t planning to downgrade to previous versions!). Right after that, when I tried to open it again, I got the following error message: “Critical Error File Error. Exception: Invalid Version. Maximum supported version is 0.2.4”

How do I get my file back?? Help!

HI @arandomuser Upload your *.val & *.vit file so I can see what happened and find a fix. The current stable v0.5.0, the weekly test build is v0.6.0, which did you download? Also, which do you use: Windows, Mac, or Linux? If Linux, which flavor?

Thank you for your quick response! Please see my update :slight_smile:

Glad you didn’t lose your work. So are you using Windows, Mac, or Linux?

I’m on Windows 10. (the at least 20 letter requirement is annoying)

We cannot remove the old version because switched to Inno Setup from NSIS. This is known issue. User must remove previous version (before 0.5.0) manually. Thereby two installers are not compatible.

How do I get my file back?? Help!

Just open it in newer version.

Yeah, it prevents spammers, Discourse installs with anti-spam settings. It will help us to fix the problem if you tell us which version you installed recently, the current release v0.5.0 or the weekly test build v0.6.0. If you look at Valentina/Help/About you can find the version.

@dismine: got it. @slpencer: I’m using now. If it’s a known issue it might help to write an instruction for people to uninstall the old version manually?

All you need is to run uninstaller from NSIS. Better if before installing version 0.5.0.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting about this issue, and please post on any questions you have about using Valentina.

Feedback on this forum: I get that anti-spam measures are important, but not being able to post at all after 5 messages on the first day is really inconvenient. Again, thank you for your quick responses!

The restriction on new users not being able to upload images is a Discourse Trust Level 0 setting. After you’ve posted to a few topics (and it’s apparent that you’re neither a spammer nor an abuser) this restriction goes away as you receive promotion to Trust Level 1.

So it’s not under our control. Discourse is fantastic free software for this forum. We’re glad you have the patience to wait a bit for Trust Level 1.

Here you can read how it works What do user trust levels do?