Insert Node tool



If a point, curve, arc, or other object was left out of the Main Path when you created your detail, you can add it later.

In Detail Mode, name your detail in the Labels category, Piece Label Data tab

In Draw Mode/Detail group, select the Insert Node tool. A dialog box will NOT appear:

Left-click on the object to add into your detail piece. The dialog box appears. Select your detail piece in the picklist:

In Detail Mode, right-click on your detail and select Options. In Paths/Main Path, right-click on the new object and clear the Excluded option. This makes the added object visible in your detail piece. You can now access this object in seam allowance widths, passmarks, labels, grainlines, Union tool, etc..


I use 5th version and follow this recommendation for missed nodes and for some reason the selected node (in my case it is a curve) does not appear in the list (let alone the detail) in the detail mode at all - am I doing smth wrong? I would be very grateful for your suggestion. TNX


Did you select correct detail?


yes I am sure I did!


Okay, let’s investigate this problem. Show us your pattern with measurements if necessary. Don’t forget to tell which detail and which curve you was trying to insert.


The images were in consistent order, I want to insert a curve that is between A22 and A14. I follow the instruction above, but it does not appear in the list.


Did you scroll down to the bottom of the list? Inserted item being appended to end of the list as excluded item.


obviously not - the list was too long, haha Resolved now - After i included it and dragged it to the correct place it is now working. Spasibo!


Да не за что.:slight_smile: