Individual Measurement File does not update


I’m working on a pattern piece, and I realized I needed a new measurement. So I clicked “Show …” and added it into the file, clicked Save, but when I tried making a new point, the measurement was not on the list. I had to “Load Individual …” and pull up the again before it showed up.


I can’t reproduce. Current developer branch shows message

Also you can use option


I’ll make a video …


I did not say the issue doesn’t exist for version 0.4.4, but version 0.5.0 works fine.


Maybe 0.5.0 should be the version downloadable on the front page of the website… Seems we keep referring to it a lot in these threads. :slight_smile:


v0.5.0 is the Test build, and these are also listed in the Downloads section as ‘Test Windows’ or ‘Test OSX’

v.0.5.x is what some of us build at home to test the newest features as they are added to the code base.


It’s because we are very close to feature freeze and new release. So, if you seek stability you use 0.4.x branch, but if you want new feature you should begin thinking about getting version 0.5.x.


New test build