Incomplete Internal Path for Waist Dart


Hi all! Query pertaining to internal paths. Have traced the front/back pieces successfully. I have then tried to mark internal waist dart with “piece path tool” by selecting points A104, A100, A24, A101, A104 in a clockwise direction. The pop-up box says “only select unique points” I delete the second A104 but when I go to my Details dash the dart is incomplete.


Bug #697 was resolved.:beetle:


:pray::pray: thanks!


Hi, I think I had a similar encounter. I did download and run the patched Valentina. However, I still have the same results. I am attaching a few screen shots.

Am I missing something? Thank you.


Of course. Check the date. How could the latest develop build contains the fix if i did it only today? The fix you are looking for will be available only since next test build. Next test build will be published on Monday.


:blush: Sorry!..time for me to take a break! …and give you a break. Thank you so much for your kind help and patience.