Import file in Valentina



Hello I would like to know if it’s possible to import a jpg or pdf file into valentina as illustrator in background image and redraw it ?

French version: Je souhaiterais savoir si il est possible d’importer un fichier jpg ou pdf dans valentina comme illustrator en image de fond et le redessiner


No. See issue #258. New feature: Tracing Mode.


sory I misspoke this is an exemple of my question


I don’t think you made a mistake. The answer is still no.


ok thank’s a lot. it’s may be for future version


@CoutureInformatique The idea is so simple that I had to do a quick online search. There is external software for creating semi-transparent overlay windows to float over some other software window that you wish to trace shapes into. I sought for “overlay tracing app” , you can look it up, I’m not sure if it’s allowed here to post links. I don’t have personal experience of such apps, except for on-screen length and angular rulers. But displaying an image shouldn’t really be any different, the principle is simple.


#[quote=“CoutureInformatique, post:5, topic:783”] ok thank’s a lot. it’s may be for future version [/quote]

Issue #285 isn’t scheduled yet. Perhaps we can have a fund raiser to implement this feature. Perhaps we can have a fund-raiser which asks for contributions of video tutorials and user manual entries, not money. The more of those items are completed, the sooner features like the tracing mode will be developed. Is there something you might contribute?


Nous pouvons contribuer dans la mesure de nos connaissances de notre temps et de nos moyens. De quoi avez vous besoin ?

We can contribute to our knowledge of our time and our means. What do you need ?


Thank’s Ihave found some application and I need to test. thank’s a lot


You should post anything you wish, as long as it is topical! :smile_cat:


Valentina a besoin de meilleurs tutoriels vidéo sur Valentina YouTube Tutorials et des entrées du manuel utilisateur sur le Valentina Wiki. Si vous apprenez à utiliser un outil ou découvrez une technique pour obtenir un résultat particulier, veuillez faire un tutoriel vidéo ou documenter les étapes avec des captures d’écran et des instructions.

Valentina needs better video tutorials on the YouTube channel, and user manual entries on the wiki. If you learn how to use a tool, or discover a technique to achieve a particular result, please make a video tutorial or document the steps with screenshots and instructions.