Imagine having your changes in 3D environment feed back automatically to changes to the 2D pattern in Valentina!


Hi Susan,

I’m totally newbee with Valentina and started to play a bit with recently. I’m looking for an alternative to highly expensive proprietary solution. Valentina is currently far from being used for production for me, but it looks very promising, and I’ll follow it carefully, congrats !

Following my comment on a Bitbucket issue, you made me dream with this sentence: " Imagine having your changes in 3D environment feed back automatically to changes to the 2D pattern in Valentina! "

For sure, that would be awesome to have a seamless flow between 3D model and 2D patterns. But it looks like a far future…

I’m not creating clothes, but more complex items in 3D, that includes some 3D inflated shapes. I dig a bit this forum, and I saw some post and comments for importing the patterns into Blender and simulate the cloth, my need is just opposite :slight_smile:

Currently my worflow is the following:

I model my shape with Blender, create the cut line and get the 2D draft pattern via UV mapping.

Then I import those shapes, which are impossible to create and guess from scratch, into my patterning software (via dxf). From those draft patterns, I get the accurate and precise ones, by reworking them, adding the appropriate seam margin, notch, internal shapes, etc…

So far Vaentina can’t be used in my process, but I like:

  • its overall functionality
  • the link between pieces. I miss it today, and this is my everyday nightmare.
  • the ability to arrange the pieces on the page according to my whish.

What I miss:

  • the possibility to import my draft pattern ( i read somewhere that it wasn’t so easy due to the parametric nature of Valentina). But having them as a blueprint on the background would be a good start.
  • in draw, the ability to create pattern piece by point and click (and then fine tuning the lenght). The current process is a bit slow and restraining.
  • having real parallel tool, which creates parallel linked to a chosen external contour. (I work with foam sandwich for example, and due to the thickness they have to be shorter than the envelop)
  • as I deal with pretty large number of piece, some clarification tips would be welcome: from one draw you can create several pieces, having even different shape, that’s just wonderful. But seing on this parent drawing the different pieces that are extracted would be even greater (with color filling for example)
  • same with the linked lines: having the ability to optionnally highlight which line is connected with which other (like in marvelous designer for example) would be just perfect.

I hope my comments seems relevant to you and that they might be one day integrated :slight_smile:

I’m not a developper and can’t help in that way, but I’m ready to test, give feedback, and even participate on the founding of some developpment.

Anyway, again, good job folks, keep on going !


Thanks, This could happen, so I will keep you in mind when we create the team. This has been a part of our roadmap for the past two years, since we began planning for 3D features.