I cannot get anything to draw-point, line, curve..Please help!

I have been unable to draft patterns for at least a year, but could have been 2 years. I was drafting patterns on this software with my old computer, but now, with this computer, I cannot seem to get a point, a line, a curve… NOTHING!!! And it is driving me crazy! Im using version What am I missing? To go over what I am doing, I open the software. I click on “new”, and let it keep “pattern piece 1”, change it to Centimeters, and click ok. then it pulls up a blank sheet of paper. I go to the left side of the screen, and click on line, then on the first “line” option. Move the mouse to the work area, and click… and nothing happens. Not right click, not left click, not click and drag… am I forgetting somehting??? Thanks for reading.

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There should be a point A already on the screen, everything builds off of that! & you start by establishing points, so instead of drawing a 12unit line, you place a point 12units away from the first point at the desired angle. Lines seem to be for measuring purposes primarily.

I hope that jogs your memory, & welcome back to pattern drafting! :unicorn:

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Oh!!! I KNEW I would feel stupid!!! I needed to zoom out, and start with A0!!! UGH!!! My memory is awful!! Thanks for this memory jog. I needed it! LOL!!! Everything is working out, now. Thanks again!


Yay!! I’m glad I could help! I really ought to have mentioned that sometimes point A will hide. I generally use “zoom fit best” to find it when that happens. :unicorn:

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