How to use conditional formula in increments?




i’ve tried to use conditional formula in increments in table of variables but i don’t get my expected result. Can anyone help me how to do this correctly?


According to documentation:

  • "=" - assignement
  • "==" - equal


it(==) worked! thanks so much @dismine ! may i know how many nested conditional formula allowed?


I don’t know. This is feature from muparser, i made a fork.


Hi @dismine,

in an example of #increments_1 formula, #x<6?(#y=1.03):1.05 the assignement (#y=1.03) and the value of the #increments_1 formula becomes the same if the condition #x<6 is true.

Can you add evaluation of multiple expression in the formula? example #x<6?(1.02,#y=1.03):1.05 where the value of #increments_1 =1.02 and the assignement of #y=1.03 if condition is true.


Hi @kuya_jos,

I don’t understand where you need such a feature.


i am thinking to assign the values of the front and the back from the bust, waist and hips circumference of a given size. May be i should do this one at a time if the parser cannot evaluate multiple expression. thanks for reading.


The parser can, but this feature has no sense for us. Do all one at a time.