How to update the Layout?




I just wonder - how do I update the Layout? I noticed that if I had already transferred my pattern pieces to Layout, and then did changes to the pattern in either Draw or Details, the layout was not updated. I had to close the program and open it again. Any other way to do this?


The only way I have found to force a new layout to be generated is to reload the pattern. Closing and reopening the program is the simplest way to do this. @Grace have you found another way?


I just run it again from the Layout section. If you don’t like the layout, you can call up the menu by pressing the button on the left :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I have the cat by the tail, but I’ve never had this problem :blush:


duh! The option to do that did not exist in the first version I tried in 2017 and I paid no attention when it was added. Thank you @Grace :slight_smile:


Oh, at least I didn’t have the cat by the tail :smile: :smile: :blush:


Thank you both!! There are a lot of great functions here, it’s just about taking the time to learn to use it all!

I have made one construction of a dress form, and when I finished, I did it all again. There are some differences to construction on paper compared to the digital one, and I am trying to find the best way to convert :slight_smile: I am having a lot of fun exploring!


LOL, you’re very welcome :slight_smile: Yes, it’s quite different from paper, but I find it easier to draft on the computer screen rather than standing next to a table measuring angles and lines :wink:


I do agree with you! But most often when I start on paper, it is by a line that I squares out from. And now I have already to think earlier on where to place my points, not lines :slight_smile:


Luckily, I learnt to make the patterns only after I found Seamly :wink:


@Grace, That’s interesting! Are you a professional designer?

I am an amateur, sewing for myself and my family. But I do like maths and geometry and also a challenge, so in construction all of this is combined. As my children grow, I also like the possibility to just enter new measurement files to sew again garments that are favorites.


one of the most fun things for me was taking a bodice pattern and showing my sister that with just a few mouse clicks (3 if memory serves) I was able to magically transform the pattern from something to fit me into something that fit her. That presupposes that I created separate measurement files for each of us.


@Nina, no, like you, I’ve sewn for family & friends. All my daughter’s play clothes, ball gowns & wedding dress, I made. And now, like @kmf, I made my sister an outfit which, by changing the measurements file, I was able to make one for myself, as well. What is so wonderful is that now I can create my own patterns. Gone are the days of buying 3 or 4 patterns to mix & match to make 1 outfit and never to use the patterns again. I can take basic patterns and create the exact outfit out of it that I want. With Seamly, I don’t even have to create the basics each time. I just save the existing basic under a different name, add the new measurement file and get to work on the new design.

So much faster and easier :slight_smile:


what is really helpful to me is when I need to make something for several members of the chorus in a play. The directors don’t think about the chorus members but always decide near the last minute that they have to have special something made


Yes, you’re a wizard with costumes :slight_smile: and, of course, the directors think that one size fits all :slight_smile: