How to seam allowance just in a few parts?


Sorry about my rusty english, I’m still learning the correct words for fashion and pattern making (I am brazilian) I would like to know how to seam allowance i some parts of the pattern. I’m doing a block basic and I want to seam allowance just in the shoulder and I can not do it, it works in the all pattern.

I read the forum but I do not really undestand. Can you help me? Gabi


Hey @gabriellimf. To change your seam allowance all you need to do is take note of the nodes that connect the lines you wish to change and then alter in the “individual seam allowance” form, marked out in attached pic.

Things to note are that nodes will maintain the universal seam allowance (‘default’). And ‘before’ form effects the line that comes before the node in a clockwise direction, and ‘after’ is the line proceeding it.

To help illustrate I have attached an example…

I want to remove all seam allowance from armhole. To do so I have selected node ‘A13’ first and then, because i wish to maintain seam allowance at shoulder length (Line_A7_A13) at 1cm, I leave ‘before’ at 1cm. In ‘after’ I enter 0. For node A11 both lines before and after will need to be changed to 0cm - as pictured. And then I would go onto select A14 node where I would change ‘before’ to 0 and leave after at ‘default’ (or ‘universal seam allowance’).

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you SO MUCH, I got it! :heart: