How to round up values



Hi, everyone. Can someone please tell me how to round up values in formulas? I saw something about it somewhere and now I’ve been searching for the past goodness knows how long and can’t find it.

If someone can point me to a website with all the muparser things, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I did’nt know this either but this how I found out.

In Valentina Drawing mode.

Right click on the point in question.

Click on the formula button ‘f(x)’

Click on the radio button ‘Functions’ Click on abs() a description for that function appears as help text.

You will find that rint() rounds to nearest integer rint(x + 0.5 ) should round up.



Thank you very much @bamba and @dismine :slight_smile:



oops. I should have read all the way to the end of the thread before I replied. I see you already found the info :wink:


Thank you, all the same :slight_smile:


On second thoughts rint( (x) + 0.49 ) might be safer as rint( (1.0 ) + 0.5 ) would give 2.