How to -- Node tool issue



Hi, I added node tools and hey do appear in Detail Mode but do not appear when printing . Would anyone have an idea why these do not appear in cut view and when printing ? Thanks for your help Jeanne


HI @picholine, Can you provide screen shots? I’d like to help but I’ll need to know what you are seeing in Detail mode that you would like to see in the Layout.


Please add your screenshots so we can help you!!!


Hi sispencer thanks for having a look to my problem; here are the screenshots; I probably did something wrong but what ? screenshot%201Screenshot2%20Printing%20view


If you want Passmarks to show up on the final pattern piece.
In Detail mode, right click on your workpiece to open the Options dialog:

  1. Main Path tab: Rightclick point in seamline, check the Passmark box.
  2. Passmarks tab: Select type of passmark


Thank you so much for your answer and your time spent to help others. All the best for you