How to move the facing from the skirt block?

this what I have done.

When I used workpiece tools I got this but the dart line are not included. Please help.thank you

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The beauty of working with Seamly2D is that you can draw one thing and choose parts of it when you are creating the details of the pattern piece. You don’t need to complete redraw the whole section of the pattern that you wish to choose. I suggest that you try creating the detail and experiment a bit to see how it works.

For instance, if you only what a mini skirt, but you have created the pattern for a midi skirt, you only have to add the line where the mini will end. Then you choose all the upper parts, but you only choose them to the line of the mini. The rest will stay there until you wish to make a maxi skirt, but your pattern will only print the mini and save you some paper that way.

It’s the same with the skirt and the facing. While the facing seems to be attached to the skirt, it depends on what you select when creating the details as to which part of the pattern will be printed onto paper.

At the moment, you have only been working on the Drawing board creating all the nodes, lines and curves needed for the complete pattern. The next step is to actually create the pattern bits & pieces from what you have drawn.


You need crosspoints on line A29_A31 to get the missing lines.