How to manipulate the pinces?

Hello to all I am asking you the first two aids to make these models. How can I do ?? Thanks Laura

hello, Do you know how to make a basic skirt ? When you’re done it, use the rotate tool…select the point wich need to be mooved then rotate. Measurement of angle is the same that the pinces…

Hope you understand me

I tried to do as you say but I did not succeed. I do not understand how well I have to turn around and have to position the various points

Here’s a tutorial on using the rotation tool to make bell sleeves:

If this doesn’t help you, perhaps you will post your pattern and measurement file and I will have a look and see if I can describe it better.

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Thanks Grace Now I try if I have problems asking for help again thank you

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Thanks Grace And thanks to the slspencer video I used the information Grace and the video gave me and I succeeded in this experiment. Wrong because I did not press CTRL to select the object. After I did it was all very easy. Thank you thank you, you have no idea how happy he is. Thank you Laura


Haha, you’re very welcome. Sometimes it looks very scary but once you’ve done it once, it’s really very easy.

You are right Grace and I have said ‘but it is very easy’ Thank you

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