How to make tutorials



Here are some good software packages to help make tutorials:

  1. Video tutorials
  1. Written tutorials
  • Write the tutorial and export to PDF or wiki format:
    ** All operating systems: LibreOffice
  • Capture screenshots:
    ** Windows and Mac: Greenshot - also allows highlighting and annotation.
    ** Linux: Gnome Screenshot
  • Create drawings. Add arrows, highlighting, text, and draw on images:
    ** All operating systems: Inkscape
  • Resize and crop images (kinda difficult but free, provides tutorials, some of us can answer questions)
    ** All operating systems: GIMP (Gnu Image Processing)


Very useful. I use OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) on Windows. But in my computer with Debian I prefer Kazam, it’s easier than OBS to install it in old computers.


Do you have a link to Kazam?


I usually install it via terminal. In any case, this is the link of Kazam: And this is the repo for Debian Stretch: Debian -- Details of package kazam in stretch


Thanks @marydonata55! I edited my earlier post to include Kazam.


When we write tutorials, how do we manage Versions? Like, I have written the tutorial for the shirt with LibreOffice and then exported it to pdf and wiki format. I want to keep both, as there are people out there who like to work offline, or don’t have access to the internet all time and still like to work with the program. But if something is changed on the wiki, it obviously can’t be changed on my “master” that is on my personal laptop. So that wouldn’t be wise; on the other hand I feel it is essential that other people can edit the tutorial on the wiki. I would put the LibreOffice-file on the web, too, so that someone who want’s to change the wiki could do it in the file, if I knew where?


You can mark on the wiki to notify you when changes are made to your tutorial page.


Wonderful list for users. OBS is a reputable free open source while Bandicam is competitive enough for us to record gameplay. Alternatively, I know another reliable screen recorder for Mac and Windows, called Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It can support almost common and rare video formats and give us access to customize configuration info for output format.


Thanks @Yiliaaaa! Is this the video recording software you like:


I use HyperCam to grab screen video… is saves in avi format, but I use Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects to edit video and can save in any format. I suggest to use mp4 or mov (basically same thing) for online use. You’ll get the best overall results using compression than avi or mpg.

Something I thought of though… is you might want to consider to have a standard template that tutorials vids from other uses can be plugged into to maintain a uniform professional look.


Hi Douglas! Fantastic! Add your first draft of a standard template to the wiki. You have lots of experience with making tutorials, so you are a FANTASTIC candidate for making this template. We all have a day job, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.


Yaaaahhhoooo… :upside_down_face::grin::rofl:

I have found how to video capture the screen in Windows 10 :slight_smile:

I’ll be taking help to the next level :slight_smile:


Super! How do you do video capture in Windows 10? Is there a link to an article you can share?


I tried the Xbox screen capture. It works very well with the embroidery digitizing, but it doesn’t record Seamly2D, so I’ve resorted to downloading and installing OBS (as per your suggestion) :slight_smile:

I’m just battling with the settings.

P.S. Even with the digitizing, it doesn’t show the popup boxes, it just shows the cursor moving and that the settings have been changed.