How to make sleeve cap

Yes, you would :slight_smile:

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I have updated Valentina, but the File "Lesson 1 - Bodice and Sleeve.val ist still a *.txt file, what have I to do to get the *.val File ? Thanks in advance Helga

If you can, please take a pic of which version Valentina you have installed now, like I did before, so I can see what version youโ€™re on, please.

Otherwise, delete those files and download them again:

Lesson 1 Bodice and Sleeve.val (63.1 KB)

Aldrich Women - 8 to 18 - 32 to 42a.vst (2.5 KB)

Iโ€™ve managed to save it as a .val file by opening the .txt file with notepad (I use Windows). Once the .txt file is open, go File, Save As, type in the name.val (or .vst), select File Type to . and click on Save. image

Do this with both files. It worked for me.

Here are the files zipped up: (8.4 KB)

Thank you very much, the zip-File works pretty good and the file is a good lesson for me Helga