How to make good use of "Pattern properties"?


Hello everybody! I was wondering what are the possibilities of using Pattern properties (in the File menu). I think it’s great to have a file to place a detailed pattern description and technical notes but is it a way to print them out or to save them? Or to attach them to the pattern layout? There is also a place for the image there, I was wondering if I could anyhow add an image there (for example of a flat sketch or a ready product).


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Oh, wow! :blush: I’ve seen that spot for the image forever and never tried to use it :relaxed::relaxed: I have no idea how one uploads an image. Perhaps @slspencer or @kmf can help us with this. I’m sure that, once we know how, a sketch of photo of the article can be uploaded here because that’s what it’s for.

These details are for you to add some notes to remind you later on about the pattern. On the other tab, you can add details about who you made the pattern for that can be added to the label and printed on the pattern: image



This is an area where we would like to expand.

I’ve talked with about a collaboration, and interestingly enough we’ve exchanged email this past week.

So look for improvements in this area in future.


Oh, wow! Thank you :smile: I think it would be nice for professional people to be able to add their sketches of photos.