How to export point names in pattern

Please read carefully. I really need to understand and how to save the pattern like the way it is in Metric pattern cutting (skirt block) along with the numbers ,lines and label. I have checked the videos on YouTube but don’t understand because some don’t have audio. Pls help head hurt.

Are you trying to export it so you can print it? I made a video recently and at the end I talk about marking out the pieces in detail mode and how to export a tiled pdf in layout mode.
If you haven’t gone through detail mode and marked out the pieces Click Here
If you have marked out the pieces Click Here

Thank you but that is not what I am saying. I want it done like this and I don’t know what to doScreenshot_2020-06-06-03-22-15

I want it labeled and save like the picture above.pls I need help Thank you all

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I too would like to see how to do this.

No, this has never been requirement of the software. The software has been designed to produce sewing patterns. The best that you could do would be to export it as an .svg, open it in Inkscape or other similar software and add all your other lines and labels.


@Grace, ah yes I understand. Personally, I had done that method of saving as .svg and importing to Inkscape previously. Was just hoping for a shorter route to the same end goal. :upside_down_face:

@Malcolm capturing a screen shot on the drawing page may show more of the pattern details like lines and points, but won’t be able to add text there.


If you use a screenshot software like Lightshot, you will also be able to add text.


Thank you appreciate

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